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How does it work


Choose a date for the start of the rental and a date for the return. (A rental day always starts at 09:00 am and ends the next day at 11:00 am).


choose one of our two shops where you would like to pick up your traditional Bavarian costume (alternatively, select the option for delivery and collection service).


Choose the traditional costume in your size. (You can find a detailed size chart on the respective product page.)

That’s it.
You only have to pay at the store.
And if your specified size doesn’t fit 100% – no problem, we always have replacements.

Just a few more days to go…

It’s not long until Oktoberfest. Be quick! Rent your traditional costume like a dirndl, Lederhosen, or Haferlschuhe. We have been in the costume rental business for 12 years. Instead of spending hours searching in different stores for the perfect costume, you can simply rent it from us. This not only saves you time, but also stress, and gives you more time to enjoy Oktoberfest. Traditional costumes can be expensive, especially if you only wear them once a year. By renting from us, you can save on the purchase costs and still appear in traditional clothing at Oktoberfest. Additionally, we offer a wide selection of different costumes in various sizes and styles. So you are guaranteed to find the perfect costume that suits you and your style. So don’t hesitate and quickly rent your costume from us to fully enjoy Oktoberfest!